Online videos embedded with scandalous images, music that implicitly relays messages through its lyrics, conversations that have more vulgar language than can be counted, clothes that send out suggestive messages, and an intense pressure to conform to the ways of the world or be ridiculed and banished by peers. This is the world youth and young adults are living in and many are not revival catalyst oneequipped to stand firm in their faith. This makes it even harder to reach those that are not saved. But there is ONE who brings hope and a promise of salvation! The time is now for revival and it will start with each individual person – Romans 12:2

Catalyst: ONE is a one-day prayer, worship conference and revival for youth and young adults that aims to promote unity and spiritual growth.

There is a remnant that believes that God is looking to transform lives and set people free from the things that hold them down. At Catalyst: ONE the atmosphere will be set by prayer and worship to allow God’s Spirit to move in a mighty way.  There is a desire to see the youth and young adults come alive for God, to have a desire and burning so deep that it can’t be contained. This generation needs this! Our hope is that for every Christian that attends, they will bring at least ONE friend that needs to know about the redeeming power of Christ’s love. Join us on Saturday, November 4 at Daystar FWC Lincolnton and see what God has for you! The event is free and open to all youth and young adults, aged 12-25, and their leaders. God wants to do something radical and life-changing and He wants you to be a part of it! This is Catalyst: ONE. See you there!

If you are interested in donating or helping with this event, please contact Stephanie at 252-452-7373.

For more information on Catalyst One, please contact Tabitha at 980-241-6596.

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Doors open for prayer at 1 pm. Event starts at 2pm until…